Most entrepreneurs look to the future when starting a new business. However, when Robert K. Mericle founded Mericle Commercial Real Estate Services in 1985, he looked to the past to find the road map that would help his development business grow.

Rob Mericle created Mericle Commercial Real Estate Services as a vertically-integrated company with in-house professionals with expertise in virtually all aspects of commercial real estate development and construction. By self performing virtually all aspects of a project, using its own in-house personnel, Mericle Commercial Real Estate is better able to control costs and fast track delivery schedules to meet its clients’ needs.

“We fashion Mericle as a throwback to the ‘master builder’ of old when experienced craftsmen self-performed all aspects of the construction processes,” said Mericle Chief Operating Officer Lew Sebia. “We’ve consistently proven our ability to build quality investment grade commercial space at low costs by maintaining an experienced staff that, similar to a manufacturing process, has been able to perfect and fine tune the efficiency of its delivery process. The result has been extremely fast delivery of quality product at very competitive rates.”

The Mericle team includes licensed architects, land planners, professional engineers, surveyors, licensed electricians, plumbers, carpenters, certified public accountants, in-house legal counsel, leasing and marketing professionals, licensed brokers, property managers and so on.  

Mericle Construction even has its own land excavation division, the largest bulk excavation operation in Northeastern Pennsylvania, with more than $20 million worth of owned heavy equipment and an entire team of dedicated professionals that self performs all of Mericle’s site work from leveling building pads to crushing stone for pad development to making all of the topsoil for the sites.

Since 1985, Mericle Commercial has developed more than 18 million square feet of industrial, office, and flex space. Today, that space houses more than 13,400 workers. Mericle has consistently, throughout its history, developed inventory space and then leased that inventory space to users identified by its marketing and leasing teams through a deep network of relationships with brokers, site consultants and end users.

Because of its own in-house resources, led by a marketing and leasing team with more than 100 years of combined real estate and economic development experience, Mericle Commercial has always been the leader in securing quality tenants to fill the inventory space that it constructs. It has consistently maintained the stability of its portfolio by attracting and retaining quality tenants.

“We are very proud of the fact that we have never lost an existing tenant to a competitor in our core market,” said Sebia. “Our ability to attract and retain quality tenants for our portfolio has been the catalyst for Mericle’s growth for more than a quarter century and will lead us into a successful future.”