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The post-COVID 19 world is expected to see substantial growth in e-commerce and increased demand for strategically located bulk industrial, e-commerce fulfillment, and last mile space.

Mericle hopes Target will utilize Mericle Commercial Real Estate Services as a trusted resource should you be in need of space along Pennsylvania’s northern I-81 Corridor.

We are pleased to present to you 10 reasons why we think a Mericle building in Northeastern Pennsylvania (NEPA) will be the right fit for your company.

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1. Strategic Location

  • I-81, I-80, I-84, I-380, and I-476 meet in NEPA.  I-78 is a short drive away.
  • NEPA is two hours from New York City and Philadelphia.
  • 51 million people live within 200 miles.
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2. Development Experience

  • Mericle was founded in Wilkes-Barre, PA in 1985.
  • We have developed 135 industrial, flex, office, and medical buildings in NEPA totaling 24 million SF.
  • More than 200 companies with 16,000+ employees occupy those buildings.
  • We are a vertically-integrated, “master builder” and self-perform all of our projects.
  • We employ 250 skilled professionals including architects, engineers, and craftsmen skilled in all of the building trades.
  • Our in-house Property Management Department will take care of your building and landscaping and is on call 24-7 to serve you in case of an emergency.
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3. Great Selection

  • We have a wide range of existing industrial and flex spaces available from 6,000 SF to more than 500,000+ SF.
  • We have fully racked, Class A, bulk industrial space available.
  • We have constructed the majority of our 135 buildings on speculation and are always adding new space to our portfolio.
  • We own thousands of acres in NEPA for future spec and build-to-suit projects.  
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4. Quick Occupancy

  • We are fast track experts and have never missed a tenant’s occupancy deadline in our 35+ year history.
  • As a self-performing master builder, we cut out the subcontractors (“profit centers”) that slow projects down and drive costs up.
  • We will customize an industrial space to your exact specifications in record time.
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5. Quality Space

Hallmarks of Mericle space include:

  • High ceilings
  • Reinforced floors
  • Energy efficient lighting and heating
  • Wide column spacing
  • ESFR fire protection
  • Modern loading
  • Deep truck courts with dolly pads
  • Abundant employee and trailer parking
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6. Strong, Reliable Utilities

All Mericle bulk industrial buildings are equipped with:

  • Fiber service
  • Up to 4000 amps of power
  • Municipal sanitary sewer
  • Natural gas heat
  • Strong water pressure (pressure reducers sometimes required)
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7. Affordable Lease Rates

On average, Mericle bulk industrial lease rates are:

  • 50% of average industrial lease rates in NJ
  • 55% of average industrial lease rates in suburban Maryland
  • 76% of average industrial rates in Philadelphia
  • and 87% of average industrial lease rates in the Lehigh Valley in PA
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8. Lower Taxes

  • Annual industrial real estate taxes in NEPA are quite low, typically less than $0.75 per square foot.
  • Annual industrial real estate taxes in NEPA are about 50% of those in New Jersey.
  • Annual industrial real estate taxes in NEPA are about 60% of those in the Lehigh Valley.
  • Many Mericle available industrial buildings are in Local Economic Revitalization Tax Abatement (LERTA) zones and offer a 10-year, 100% real estate tax abatement on improvements.
  • A company that leases a 400,000 SF Mericle industrial building in a LERTA zone can be expected to save approximately $2.9 million in real estate taxes over 10 years.
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9. Excess Capacity During Your Busy Seasons

  • Because we are always building on spec and adding to our portfolio, we have the capacity to provide you with overflow, month-to-month space during your peak, seasonal crunch times.
  • We can also provide you with short term, overflow trailer parking during peaks in your business
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10. Additional Benefits

  • We have a large inventory of racking from past tenants that we will make available to you at no cost.
  • We will provide free architectural and engineering design services to you during your consideration of our buildings.
  • We will provide many services to help you find and train your employees.
  • Through our in-house, regional quality of life initiative DiscoverNEPA, we will help your key employees relocate to our area.
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100-170 Patriot Drive
403,000 SF on 47.34 Acres

CenterPoint Commerce & Trade Park East, Pittston Township, PA
Expandable to 527,000 SF
47.34 Acres
Best Use: Industrial
Tax Abatement: LERTA (10 years, 100% on improvements)
Excellent access to I-81, I-476
All utilities

 Property Info Robert Mericle Property Website Property Video

100-124 Capital Road
198,400 SF on 14.61 Acres

CenterPoint Commerce & Trade Park East, Jenkins Township, PA
Plug-n-play space with racking and conveyor available
14.61 Acres
Best Use: Industrial
Excellent access to I-81, I-476
All utilities

 Property Info Robert Mericle Property Website Property Video


We will be pleased to prepare a customized lease proposal for you.  To start, just contact one of our leasing team vice presidents who will be glad to assist you.

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Vice President
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Jim Hilsher
Vice President
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Bill Jones
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